Activities in Mani

Activities – What to do in Mani

In the alluring, captivating and unique area of Mani, visitors can enjoy the rare beauty of coastal landscape that offers both the relaxing vistas of the ocean and the beauty of towering surrounding mountains.

The area of Mani is rich with historic sights and monuments as well as myths and legends that span back to ancient Greece. Landmark sights include the caves of Hades, the Peninsula of Tigani and The Black Pirate Caves. In addition, there are abundant sites  with ancient ruins, Byzantine monuments and old settlements. 98 of the 118 historic settlements of the entire Peloponnese reside in nearby Areopoli, Koita and Vathia.

In the bay of Diros, just 4 kilometers from the town of Pyrgos, visitors will find the renowned Caves of Diros as well as The Neolithic Museum. The Caves of Diros are some of the largest and the most beautiful caves in Southern Europe and make up one of the most impressive natural sights of Mani.

The area also boasts the most southern point of continental Europe. That point is the Tainaros Lighthouse near the temple of Poseidon, that rises proudly and beautifully above the ocean. The temple is within a twenty minute walk from the lighthouse through an amazingly captivating natural landscape that visitors can enjoy.

The geographic location of En Plo Luxury Suites provides guests with a splendid opportunity to enjoy a number of day trips such as:

  • Sparti – Mystras – Kaiadas – Taigetos
  • Monemvasia – Limeni – Gerakas
  • Neapoli – Elafonisos
  • Kosmas – Elona – Geraki
  • Tour of Mani (Skoutari – Kotronas – Porto Kagio – Caves of Diros)
  • Areopoli – Limeni – Oitylo – Stoupa – Kardamyli – Kalamata
  • The springs of Saint Marina – the forest of Vasiliki
  • The Blessed Virgin Mary the Healer (Giatrisa) in Taigetos

and local Museums such as :

  • Gythio: The Historical and Ethnological museum of Mani
  • Diros: The museum Alepotrypas Diros
  • Areopoli: Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments of Mani in the Pikoulaki Towerhouse
  • Sparti: The Archeological Museum, The Olive Museum

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