En Plo Luxury Suites operates under environmentally friendly guidelines and strives to preserve its natural ecosystem with eco-friendly practices.

Our environmental awareness is perceived and implemented in everyday practices and our environmental policies are communicated to our staff, suppliers and visitors improving our property’s environmental performance.

Environmental Consciousness

Our hotel leads in the reduction of solid waste by qualitative use of refillable bottles as well as adhering to special environmental programs that call for the recycling of solid municipal waste such as paper, plastic, glass and aluminum as developed and recommended by the local and national environmental authorities.

We also participate in a program that aims at preserving natural resources (water and electricity) consumption by implementing preventive management measures.

In the Energy sector we use solar panels, inverter type air conditioning units, LED type light bulbs and special keycards for energy conservation.

Within the context of corporate responsibility management pays particular attention to the quality of service providing guests with eco-friendly personal care products while promoting and encouraging environmental education and training to strengthen local farmer’s markets mainly in the supply chain of organic products.


Emphasis is also given to the local Mediterranean flora, using native ornamental plants and supporting extensive olive tree orchards while aiming to reduce our environmental footprint by developing specific practices to manage garden waste.

The environmental consciousness of En Plo Luxury Suites contributes to the development of environmentally sustainable tourism while ensuring the holiday vacation of our guests remains an enjoyable experience.

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